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Silent Auctions






Silent auctions are often combined with other events, such as craft fairs, musical programs, banquets, anytime a large group is together over several hours.  Silent auctions are so named because there is not a live auctioneer holding the auction.  Instead, the auction items are on display and the auction-goers write their bids on paper.  At the end of the auction, all the bids are collected and the high bidder pays for the auction item.  The opening and minimum bids are usually predetermined.  Bidding usually starts a one half the retail price of the items with bidding increments set at $1.00. For example, a $40.00 gift certificate to a hair salon would start at $20.00

Items for silent auctions can be donated by members of your organization or from local businesses.  You can also use donations of money and buy items for the silent auction but you have to make sure you will still make a profit if you buy items.  Silent auction items can be according to a theme such as baskets.  Baskets can then be filled with an assortment of coordinating items.  Some possibilities are: chocolate lovers, coffee and tea lovers, bath and body, gardening, candles, and sports.

Gift Certificates from local merchants are the most popular items for silent auctions.