School Fundraising with Holiday Shops 

The fall and winter are a busy times of the year for everyone, especially for those involved in nonprofit and charity fundraising.


       Fundraisers often have a holiday theme and people are asked, at this time of year, to give to others who are less fortunate. Holiday-themed product fundraising sales are common because people appreciate being able to buy fundraising products that they can use during the holidays or give as gifts.

     Yes, Shopping and gift-giving are at their peak during the holidays. Moms and Dads are busy filling their children's wishlists for the latest toys. One way that children can experience the joy of giving is through fundraising holiday shops that are held at elementary schools, pre-schools, and daycare centers.

     Holiday gift shops are sometimes known as "Secret Santa Shops." The gift shops can be set up and run by the PTO or volunteer groups. Fundraising companies can provide everything necessary to run a holiday shop, such as pre-priced gifts, promotional and publicity items, shopping bags, and, most times, cash registers.

     Holiday gift shops are usually run for a period of three days in a large room such as a conference room or school library. During the sales period the children will go with their teachers, by classrooms, and buy their gifts during school hours. The gifts are either pre-wrapped or wrapped by the volunteers so the children take home a gift that is ready to be given. Often the shop is run during the evenings so parents can come in a buy gifts too. The gift items are reasonably priced, usually between $2.00 and $10.00. The fundraising companies know which gifts are popular with the kids and if you run out of an item most companies offer overnight shipping of re-orders.

     The average holiday gift shop fundraiser can raise between $1,500 to $2,000 for your school. Some elementary schools have made them an annual tradition and combine them with other events such as a play or party. The parents appreciate that their children can shop in a safe environment for low-priced gifts. The children love being able to shop on their own and surprise their recipients with a special gift they picked out all by themselves.

Holiday Shop Fundraising Companies

Below is a list of fundraising companies that offer holiday shop programs.

Reindeer Lane


Penguin Patch


Fun Services

Full Service Fundraising


EZ Fund

Cadys Online

School Pals

Kids Go Shopping