Safety Concerns for Children 




 Loud and Clear





Schools, non-profit groups and companies have worked together for decades to make the safety of children involved in fundraising a number one priority. Here are some methods they use to get safety points across.

Verbally review the rules at student assemblies, parent and teacher meetings and daily announcements in the classroom.

Include printed reminders on posters and high-traffic bulletin boards and in sales packet inserts such as parent letters and permission slips.

When giving parent and student volunteers suggestions for safe fundraising, keep it simple and constructive: 

 All fundraising should be supervised by parents or adults.

Focus fundraising efforts on family and friends.

Parents can help by selling at the office and to friends.

With parent's permission, student volunteers may telephone friends, relatives and neighbors that they know


Article courtesy The Fundraising Edge from the Association of Fund-Rasing Distributors & Suppliers.