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  • Online Fundraising with
  • Google Awards Free Advertising to Nonprofit Organizations and Charities
    One way to bring visitors to a website is to use the Google AdWords advertising program. Most nonprofit organizations have a limited advertising budget and in response to this Google has a grant award program called Google Grants. The Google Grant is an in-kind award of free AdWords advertising credits.
  • Fundraising Rep Careers
    Are you looking for a flexible career that allows you to set your own hours and work out of your home? Fundraising representatives enjoy just this type of career. Although it does involve selling fundraising products and services, it is not your typical sales representative career. Many people become fundraising reps after years of volunteer fundraising experience.
  • Fundraising and Today's Busy Teacher
    Today’s school teacher has a lot on her plate. She drives to work thinking about the day’s lesson plan, races to check her e-mail before the first bell, herds several of her students to and from the bathroom, and calls roll – all before the first piece of chalk hits the board. It’s no wonder the school fundraiser isn’t her first priority.
  • School Fundraising with Holiday Shops