Publicize Your Fundraiser

Spread the Word

Throughout Your


and Create Awareness

of Your Fundraiser




Your nonprofit, club, or group should assign a person to be in charge of publicity for your fundraiser.  The publicity duties should begin as soon as the fundraiser is chosen and the dates are set.  Most local newspapers have guidelines and deadlines your public relations person will need to follow and may require several weeks of leadtime before publishing a press release.  If you are announcing a specific event (marathon, sale, or other event) be sure that you include the basic information such as time, place, day, and details of the actual event.  Some newspapers have a special section in the Saturday or Sunday paper where they will announce fundraisers free of charge.  You can also place a paid display advertisement in the newspaper if your budget permits it.  Local radio stations and television stations should also be sent a press release announcing your fundraiser.   Radio stations and television stations also usually have community announcements for free.

Additional inexpensive or free methods of advertising fundraisers

   • Bulletin board advertisements in grocery stores, schools, libraries, coffee shops, places of employment

   • Announcements in schools, churches, and clubs

  • Post information on online on websites of schools, community associations, city guides, local forums, etc.

  • Classified ads in your daily newspaper, weekly shopping guide and neighborhood newsletters

  • Hand out flyers door-to-door

   Don't forget to publish complete details of your fundraiser on your website and in your newsletter.