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  • Focus on Your Goals
    Never start a fundraising project unless you know why you're raising the money and how the money will be spent.
  • Choose the Right Fundraiser
    The first steps in planning a fundraiser involve finding out from the leaders of the organization how much money is needed and what it is needed for.
  • Fundraising Throughout the Year
    Fundraising for nonprofit groups is not a single event that takes place each time your organization has a need for money.
  • Choosing a Fundraising Company
    Selecting the right fundraising company is a critical step toward your program's success. In some areas, dozens of companies offer fundraising products and services.
  • How to Recruit Volunteers
    If you want to raise money for your nonprofit organization then, you will have to build a team of volunteers, workers, and other personnel who will help you with your goals.
  • Working with Volunteers
    Your fundraising volunteers will be representing your organization. They need to be trained and motivated to do the work they volunteered for.
  • How to Publicize Your Fundraiser
    Your nonprofit, club, or group should assign a person to be in charge of publicity for your fundraiser. The publicity duties should begin as soon as the fundraiser is chosen and the dates are set.
  • Staying Organized
    Fundraising involves a lot of paperwork, a lot of ideas, and a lot lists. You can easily become overwhelmed and lose track of things if you allow yourself to become disorganized. This is why it is crucial to stay organized.
  • Money Handling
    How to avoid common mistakes and make sure money from your next fundraiser flows smoothly from the community to the bank.
  • How to Appeal to Donors
    There is psychology involved in fundraising that your club or organization should be aware of. Studies have shown that people who are likely to give money to nonprofits generally do so because they feel they get some “value” from giving.
  • How to Thank Your Donors
    Remember - it is necessary to thank your donors after your fundraiser is over. Afterall, you are thankful that they spent either their time or money, or both, to help your organization further its cause. Depending on your budget there are many ways to thank supporters and donors.
  • Taxes and Legal Matters
    Tax laws for nonprofit organizations vary from state to state. First and foremost, before your group conducts a fundraiser make sure that you have filed paperwork with your state's department of revenue that has declared you are a nonprofit or 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Safety During Fundraisers
    Schools, non-profit groups and companies have worked together for decades to make the safety of children involved in fundraising a number one priority.