Food Concessions

Cook Up

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If your organization has enough people and equipment or a location to do the cooking - try fundraising with food concessions.  You can cook food indoors, such as in a church or school kitchen, or cook food outdoors on grills.   Food concessions can be combined with events such as craft fairs, bazaars, car washes, tournaments, etc. Or, they can be done by themselves such as outside in a parking lot of a store on a weekend morning. 

Indoor Food Concession Ideas

  • Pancake breakfasts, breakfast with Santa or the Easter Bunny
  • Spaghetti dinners 
  • Thanksgiving or any other holiday dinners. 
  • Holiday and seasonal craft fairs, collector's shows

 Outdoor Food Concession Ideas

  • Grill food and sell it on a Saturday morning at retail locations such as home improvement centers, mall parking lots, oil change lots
  • Grill food and sell it at sports events and tournaments, marathons, fun runs, walks 
  • Grill food and sell it at events such as community fairs, parades, celebrations, concerts
  • Have an annual event and take pickup orders for box dinners.  Offer a unique menu item such as Hawaiian or Cajun Chicken,  Bull and oyster roasts, clam bakes

Food Concessions are also a good way to team up with other organizations in the community.  Your organization could provide the food and snacks for an event another organization is conducting.  Possibilities are at auctions, meetings, car shows, garden shows, boat shows, art festivals.

Be sure that you check out local ordinances regarding any food health and safety rules you need to follow.