Planning and Choosing a Fundraiser


The first steps in planning a fundraiser involve finding out from the leaders of the organization how much money is needed and what it is needed for. Having this knowledge will enable your fundraising team to evaluate the myriad of fundraising options.

Some things to consider when evaluting your fundraising choices:

  What is the purpose of your organization?

  Is the fundraiser a good fit? Is the theme of the fundraiser appropriate for your volunteers and donors?

  How much money is your group willing to invest in the fundraiser? What are the upfront costs as well as the costs after the fundraiser?

  What other resources will be required and do you have them?

  How much time does your organization have to plan and conduct the fundraiser?

  Is there a potential conflict with other fundraisers being conducted at the same time by other groups in your community?

 Have you done this fundraiser in the past? What were the results? Is it time to change or time to build on a past success?

  Will it bring in the required amount of money?

  Do you want to work with a fundraising company or do it all within your organization?

  Careful planning and evaluation are necessary in order to avoid costly mistakes.